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    Pregnancy Rehab

    During pregnancy physical therapy can help with numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, pelvic-floor, and abdominal weakness, which can lead to incontinence. Post partum physical therapy can relieve pain and promote healing from cesarean sections, episiotomies, vaginal tears, painful intercourse, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

    Almost all women experience musculoskeletal discomfort during pregnancy, and as many as 25% of all pregnant women experience temporary disabling ones. This is due to the tremendous change undergone by the body during any healthy pregnancy.

    If pain is causing you to have difficulty wth ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING (ADL’s) like sitting, sleeping, standin, housework, driving – we srongly recommend you come to physial therapy.

    1. Do you have back pain?
    2. Have you been suffering from ankle pain?
    3. Do you have numbness, tingling, burning, or swelling?
    4. Are your current physical problems affecting your job?
    5. Have you been experiencing problems with your shoulder or hands limiting functionality?
    6. Do you have swelling joints?
    7. Are you experiencing stiffness of the joints?
    8. Do you lose your balance frequently?
    9. Do you experience weakness affecting your normal activities or hobbies?
    10. Are you leading a sedentary lifestyle?

    If you answered YES to any of the above questions, physical therapy can help you and your birthing process as well.

    Consult with your physician and ask about Visions Physical Therapy!!