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    Pediatric Rehab

    Children have the right to reach their fullest potential in an educated, supported and natural environment. For some, this is difficult but certainly not out of reach. At Visions Physical therapy, our Pediatric Rehab specialists ensure that your child’s mobility will be addressed professionally and with the latest technology. We welcome the opportunity to embrace and nurture your child’s progress through up close and personal interaction. Our trained professionals will be there with your child every step of the way.

    Involving Families in Supporting Children’s Rehab

    We are a faith based organisation, and God is at the forefront of all our work. We use our deep seated faith to support your child through their personal rehabilitation programme. We understand that parents and care givers have an important role to play in pediatric rehabilitation, and we keep you informed every step of the way through your child’s treatment program.

    If you are a primary care doctor that sees the need for specialized care and attention for any of your young patients, rely on Visions pediatric rehab therapists. You’ll always get the quality you and your patients deserve. Download our referral form online for your convenience.

    Pediatric Rehab Services We Can Help Your Child With

    Our pediatric rehab services can help children to reach their potential. Our therapy programs work to improve the following:

    • Auditory Processing Skills
    • Visual Perceptual Skills
    • Sensory Modulation/Adaptive Behavior
    • Self-Care/Self-Help Skills
    • Visual Motor Skills
    • Postural Stability/Hypotonia
    • Respiration
    • Articulation Skills
    • Balance/Equilibrium
    • Ocular Motor Skills
    • Oral Motor Skills
    • Sensorimotor Coordination / Dyspraxia
    • Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills
    • Speech Language Delay
    • Strength / Endurance
    • Proper Tool and Toy Use

    Licensed Friendly Pediatric Therapists

    Visions Physical Therapy friendly licensed therapists have helped many children to develop mobility and better participate and enjoy a fuller life. We have an excellent reputation in the Mississippi area and have state-of-the-art clinics in Jackson, Tougaloo, Vicksburg and Canton.

    We are deeply aware that families are the most important part of a child’s life and that they need to be an integral part of any treatment program. Our programs are family oriented with an emphasis on parent involvement. Our physical and speech therapists also provide parents with home programs and additional recommendations to better support your child between therapy sessions and increase effectiveness of their therapy program.

    If your child or someone you know is in need of specialized pediatric rehab and support services, call us now at 601-664-1022 or email us at for more information.