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    Diabetic Health

    If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or maybe you are living as a “pre-diabetic” it should be extremely important to you to manage your health daily. Uncontrolled management of this disease can lead to more serious problems: Damage and/or destruction of the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, feet, and skin. Why create additional health issues? Physical Therapy is the answer!!

    Physical Therapists are very knowledgeable regarding the causes and effects of diabetes. We have multiple solutions to the problems that arise as a result of having diabetes.

    Diabetic Treatment Options

    1. Therapeutic Exercise
    2. Balance/Gait Training
    3. Ultrasound
    4. Electrical Stimulation
    5. Wound Care
    6. Manual Therapy and/or Message
    7. Weight Loss Program
    8. Home Exercise Program
    9. Patient Education

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